This Early Dark


An old letter from you--I close my eyes to read the rest.





The shoe does not know there's another. 




The laugh down the hall.  The rented morning.

She remembers having wings.


I thought you touched me but it was the rain







This Early Dark is a valuable and inspirational collection.


         Catherine Butler, Writers Review


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I find it astonishing how each sentence creates an invisible story

that rises like a fog from the words and ends with a question mark.


           Patty Campbell




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Michael Cadnum is the author of thirty-eight books,
both fiction and poetry, including Saint Peter's Wolf 
and the National Book Award Finalist The Book of the Lion.
This Early Dark presents micro-poetry and
ultra-flash fiction written over a forty-year period, 
and brings to further life Cadnum's fascination
with desire and discovery.     

Cadnum knocks us off our platitudes

and sends us sliding elsewhere...

and we are smoothly swept

into a new field of perception. 


       Ted Kooser, The Georgia Review



 Horse Eagle Press



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