Michael Cadnum and Tachyon Publications

proudly announce that Cadnum's

classic short story collection

Can't Catch Me is an ebook.




Michael Cadnum and @OpenRoadMedia are proud to share an e-publishing adventure:

24 of Cadnum's titles are back. 

And available now.  Here is a link to taking part.


I used my own photos as the jacket art for the many of these novels, working with the design team at Open Road.  This photo shows a fire in the California hills, and introduces my novel Ghostwright..




The beast in him was alive, but the man was a killer.  Saint Peter's Wolf.






When fame is everything, who owns the sky?  Skyscape 



When the mirror steals your lover.  The Judas Glass.




Sometimes you wake up too late.  Sleepwalker





When the entire family is haunted.  The Horses of the Night






He got rich off the past, but his future is haunted.  Ghostwright






Don't turn on the light.  Nightlight




And the above novels are available as audio books:



More Michael Cadnum ebooks:






He's dead but he loves his family.  Calling Home

Calling Home

Breaking the Fall

You pretend it's dangerous--and then you pretend it's not. Breaking the Fall.








It always cuts both ways.Edge





It's not the dive that kills you. It's the truth. Heat.



What use was the left hook against a gun? Redhanded






She was fast, but the truth was faster.  Rundown.


A family wakes up forever.  Zero at the Bone




Taking It

She's fake, but her crimes are real. Taking It. 



In a Dark Wood  

Without the Sheriff where is Robin Hood? In A Dark Wood.

Click here to learn the inside story of the writing and re-release of my Robin Hood novels.




Forbidden Forest

When friendship is outlawed. Forbidden Forest.



Ship of Fire

Before terrorism, there was terror. Ship of Fire.


Blood Gold

The gold is yours the instant it's gone.



Once again he lost her forever.  And then. Nightsong.





His father was a god, but the son was all-too human. Starfall.


Raven of the Waves

Daughter of the Wind


She was a stolen bride--until she began to burn.  Daughter of the Wind.




The King’s Arrow

The blood.  The flight.  The secret.



There was the God of love, and there was the God of blood.  Raven of the Waves.


The beast in him was alive--but the man in him was a killer. Saint Peter's Wolf.



Unavailable in recent years, their return to life in this new form is an adventure for me.  They have new artwork.  And--put simply--new lives.  And new readers. 

These editions are word-for-word the originals you remember.




























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