A link to my eBooks:

  • Seize the Storm, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2012
  • Flash, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2010
    A bank robbery and the Iraq war collide in this tale of contemporary suspense.
  • Peril on the Sea, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2009
  • The King’s Arrow, Viking, 2008
    A real-life crime–the death of a king, and  why his killer went unpunished.
  • Nightsong: The Legend of Orpheus and Eurydice Orchard Books,  2006
    Can Orpheus win his beloved bride back from the Underworld–and if he can’t, what then?  Click this link to the interview to discover more about this enthralling novel
  • The Dragon Throne, Viking, 2005
    In this third and final volume of the Book of the Lion trilogy, Edmund and Hubert trek through the Alps with  a young noblewoman on a trek to Rome.  They face outlaw knights, brigands and an Eternal City seething with conflict.
  • Starfall:  Phaeton and the Chariot of the Sun, Orchard Books, 2004
    Phaeton’s father is the sun god, but no one believes it.  Given the chance to drive his father’s heavenly chariot, Phaeton seizes the reins–and nearly destroys the earth.  This novel is recommended for parents, children, and world leaders.
  • Blood Gold, Viking, 2004
    Two young men brave the jungles of Panama and the rugged Pacific Coast, on their way to the California gold country to save the honor of a betrayed friend.  There they discover a tumultuous world of gold fever, romance, and murder.
  • Ship of Fire, Viking, 2003
    During Sir Francis Drake’s raid on the Spanish port of Cadiz a young ship’s surgeon must rise to the occasion to save his ship, aid his countrymen, and help them all escape with their lives.
  • Daughter of the Wind, Orchard, 2002
    A war party of Danes raids a sleepy village to capture a human prize, in this follow-up to Raven of the Waves.  In an era of seafaring revenge and stolen brides, can she escape before she is forced into marriage?
  • The Leopard Sword, Viking, 2002
    In this sequel to The Book of the Lion, Edmund and Hubert survive storm, shipwreck and the street battles of Rome, only to face the harsh justice of trial by combat.
  • Forbidden Forest:  the story of Little John and Robin Hood, Orchard Books, 2002
    Little John, Robin Hood’s right-hand man, has a story–and a private struggle–of his own, as defends the band of outlaws and battles to win the woman he loves.
  • Raven of the Waves, Orchard Books, 2001
    The first Vikings to invade England find undefended treasures, and enough blood to please their gods.   But something about their young captive disturbs them.
  • Redhanded, Viking, 2000
    A young boxer is getting better with every round, but he  falls into deadly company.
  • The Book of the Lion, Viking, 2000
    Edmund faces punishment when his master is killed for  counterfeiting coins.  The youth will be forgiven if he joins the Crusade in the Holy Land–a war few are expected to survive.
  •  Rundown, Viking, 1999
    In the midst of the plans for your sister’s wedding, you decide to report a crime that never really happened.  Lying turns out to be complicated and dangerous, and at last, even suicide seems to be an answer.
  • Heat, Viking, 1998
    She is a promising athlete, expert at the high dive.  But her father is not the ethical man she thought he was–and he may even face prison.
  • In A Dark Wood, Orchard Books, 1998
    The Sheriff of Nottingham dislikes violence, but he has been ordered to capture an increasingly dangerous outlaw.  Surely the outlaw will not be clever enough to capture the sheriff.
  • Edge, Viking, 1997
    Your father is shot and gravely injured, but the justice system means that you won’t have to take revenge.  Doesn’t it?
  • Zero At The Bone, Viking, 1996
    When your sister vanishes, you see your family as you have never seen it before.
  • The Judas Glass, Carroll & Graf, 1996
    What is it like to wake up dead, trapped in a coffin–but able to steal life from the living?
  • Taking It, Viking, 1995
    She steals things without being aware of the crime.  What else is she hiding from herself?
  • Skyscape, Carroll & Graf, 1994
    The famous TV psychologist can help even the most disturbed person–unless there is more going on than the public imagines.
  • The Horses of the Night, Carroll & Graf, 1993
    If an ambitious San Francisco architect seeks supernatural help with his ambitions, he might discover more than he desires.
  •  Ghostwright, Carroll & Graf, 1993
    The famous playwright’s companion shows up after years–and a career as a killer–to claim his share of the glory.  But are fame and money all he wants?
  • Breaking the Fall, Viking, 1992
    It started as a game, breaking into houses for fun–but one night the fun stopped.
  • Saint Peter‘s Wolf, Carroll & Graf, 1992
    A set of wolf fangs set in silver awakens a San Francisco pyschologist to a life of violence–and of wonder.
  • Sleepwalker, St Martin’s Press, 1991
    Archaelogists discover a bog man, dead for a thousand years–but not necessarily at peace.
  • Calling Home, Viking, 1991
    What would you do if you killed your best friend?  You might pretend that he was still alive.
  • Nightlight, St Martin’s Press, 1990
    A San Francisco journalist and his girlfriend travel to the California wine country to search for his missing cousin.  They find that Len’s photographic obsession with graveyards and ghosts has become horrifying and dangerous.There are many paperback and book club editions of Michael Cadnum’s novels.


Short Fiction

  • Earthquake Murder:  short fiction, Horse Eagle Press, 2018
  • Can’t Catch Me, Tachyon Publications, 2006
  • Together Again, (chapbook) Subterranean Press, 2001
  • Ella and the Canary Prince, (chapbook) Subterranean Press, 1999



  • The Promised Rain (forthcoming)
  • Kingdom, Horse Eagle Press, 2018
  • This Early Dark:  Micro-poetry and Ultra-flash fiction, Horse Eagle Press, 2016
    Day by Day, longpoem, Mudlark Poster No. 48 (online publication), 2003
  • Illicit, (chapbook) Frank Cat Press, 2001
    The Woman Who Discovered Math, 2001, Red Booth Chapbooks
  • The Cities We Will Never See, Singular Speech Press, 1993
  • By Evening, Owl Creek Press, 1992
  • Foreign Springs, (chapbook) Amelia Press, 1988
  • Invisible Mirror, (chapbook) Ommation Press, 1987
  • Long Afternoons, State Street Press, 1986
  • Wrecking the Cactus, (pamphlet) Salt Lick Press, 1985
  • The Morning of the Massacre, (chapbook) The Bieler Press, 1981

Michael Cadnum’s poetry appears in many anthologies.



Picture Books for Children

  • The Lost and Found House, Viking, 1997

Foreign Editions

Foreign editions include Danish, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Spanish, among others.


Cadnum has contributed to dozens of magazines and journals,  including America, The American Scholar, Commonweal, Georgia Review,  Rolling Stone and Virginia Quarterly Review.

Theatrical Productions

  • The story “Can’t Catch Me” was performed as a one-act play by WNEP Theater, Chicago, March, 2003.
  • “Daphne” and “Can’t Catch Me” were performed  by Aurora Theater, Berkeley, California, September, 2002.