Here is my new micro-poem about a lizard—

with a translation into Spanish thanks to Judith E. Disché.

And in loving memory of Marcia Cadnum.


on the mantle,

so quick

to be still


del manto,    

tan rapido

para calmarte 





My thanks to Elke of Celle for her on-going translation of my poem The Empire of Desire.

    Das Reich der Sehnsucht


  • Eins


  • Als die Sonne aufstieg, entstand die Hitze wie

    schwere Schichten Zement. Die Dohlen beruhigten sich

    und die Stadt vertrocknete zu wesenhaften

    Karst-Mauern, die weissen Türme

    und die alten Folterkeller

    mit den Postkartengirlanden und

    Kopfhörern, während die Vormittagsschatten

    noch tief lagen.



See the complete original poem at Mudlark.



Balloon, Napa Valley, California


I am pleased to present a translation of my poem Balloon by my friend Vigdis Storsletten: 





Michael Cadnum




Vigdis Storsletten


Ballongen puster inn

og inn og inn

og nar hele

verden er inne,

er den borte.





The balloon breathes in

and in and in

and when all

the world is in

is gone.



Night Thoughts, by Li Bo ca 750
translated by Don Morgan and Michael Cadnum

Beyond my bed the moonlight
shines on the ground like frost.
Raising my head I see the bright moon,
and I bow my head in thoughts of home.


低  舉  疑  
頭  頭  是  前
思  望  地  
故    上  月
鄉  月  霜  光






I am pleased to feature a translation by Johanna Erzberger of one of my haiku.

        I'm never going home you say, streetlight to streetlight, almost there.

Ich gehe niemals nach Hause, sagst Du, von Straßenlaterne zu Straßenlaterne, fast schon dort.






The following translations of my haiku are by Raheleh Rezaei and Mohsen Hanif.








Here is photographer Sara Hanif's meditative response to the following haiku.





This is Sara Hanif's witty response to the following haiku:







•  Judith E. Dische writes that she is a retired pre-school teacher and homeschooling mom who resides in Southern California.  She adds that she enjoys spending time with her two very bright grandchildren.
•  Elke of Celle writes that she has translated a few other poems by me.  She adds that she makes use of them as well as of some of my novels in her classes. She also adds that she loves my poems and wants her students to discover poetry for themselves.

•  Johanna Erzberger is a Biblical scholar, musician, and film-enthusiast.   

•  Writer and engineer, Don Morgan's work currently appears in Eclectica, Raven's Perch, Lost Coast, and Penman Review.  He lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Tianjin, China.

*   Tahereh (also known as Raheleh) Rezaei is an assistant professor of English literature at the University of Allameh Tabatabae'i, Tehran, Iran. 

•   Mohsen Hanif is an assistant professor of English literature at the University of Kharazmi, Tehran, Iran.

*   Sara Hanif has studied graphic arts and animation, and has an ardent interest in photography.     

*   Vigdis Storsletten is a poet andresearcher in child development, and until recently a DJ for Radio Kaos Caribou. 





The balloon photo by Michael Cadnum.  The others are by Sara Hanif.



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