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brings together for the first time

the animal poems of Michael Cadnum. 

Cats, ants, whales—even the stubborn, lowly louse—

here are thirty astonishing celebrations of the most

intriguing and often overlooked creatures of the animal kingdom.


Even the familiar creatures, like the Eagle and the Elephant, get new life in Cadnum’s unusual book.

The Raccoon makes an appearance, and the Peacock, and the Giraffe.  So do the Jack Rabbit and the covertly assertive Roe Deer.  Thirty poems in all celebrate the open secrets of the lives around us.

Rosemary Deen, poetry editor of Commonweal Magazine, says,

“Anyone who really wants to see the world will read and reread these animal poems:  Kingdom.”

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I shine like a hairless fish,

or a tongue, but this is my pelt,

enclosing a secret's cunning--

winters in dark surf have given me

the silhouette of a wave rising

or just-spent, and the cold ocean

utters me like a whisper.

The sand-shark

cannot catch me. The rip-fanged moray

I leave behind, and your gaze, too,

is always tardy as you call

to your companions, aim the camera,

steady the binoculars for

another look. In my

better-than-hands the stone-shelled mollusc

is a morsel, and I pluck the flashing sand-dab

from her fathoms. I'm that name

you can't remember, the language you forgot,

the hope you knew would never come,

tide departing to return.


Otter first appeared in Commonweal Magazine--

and is one of thirty poems aboutthe intriguing creatures

of our world.  More poems will appear on

this page soon.


The jacket art for Kingdom is based on a

photograph by Vigdis Storsletten

copyright © 2018 Vigdis Storsletten


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