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Michael Cadnum is the author of thirty-eight books, including the National Book Award finalist The Book of the Lion.  Several of Cadnum's books have been released as audio books by Audible, and Open Road has published e-book editions of many of his classic thrillers.  His most recent books are Earthquake Murder:  short fiction, and a book of animal poetry titled Kingdom.  A new book of poems, The Promised Rain, is in-progress. He lives in Albany, California.

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Here I am reading my new poem Shark. And here is the poem, if you would like to read along.





Sleep is a search. Waking is a wound.
Did I say your name? Here, I catch
                    and close again
warm as the abyss.
My skin is sandstone, my teeth
the law. These eyes

will never close. Breath is keeping still
while the deep flows through my lips.
Did I ever ask? My name
is yours. I eat the even and the odd.
My bones are sinews,
my teeth a world. These eyes

will never close. Blood is music.
I never forget. Did I say
a single word? Here, I dine
on silence. Did you see me lose
my shadow? I keep the answers

as I feed. A voice is a breath
turned scarlet. I inhale
by traveling. Where was I
before now? I remember you.



Shark first appeared in Commonweal Magazine.


A new poem is coming--soon.


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