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Michael Cadnum is the author of thirty-seven books, including the National Book Award finalist The Book of the Lion.  Several of Cadnum's books have been released as audio books by Audible, and Open Road has published e-book editions of many of his classic thrillers.  His most recent books are Earthquake Murder:  short fiction, and a book of animal poetry titled Kingdom.  A new book of poems, The Promised Rain, is in-progress. He lives in Albany, California.

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Now available--my animal poems in one volume. 






And the drought, rising
out of the ground, through
the cracks in the white lawn.
        As though
where once had come water
now came the opposite,

marl and mirage, the fields
knives set out,
shivering with the passing traffic.

I undress but turn away
so you don't see the little smile down there,
the scar where they put a stop to it.
What do you want?  When are we going?
The questions were in the books,

the languages we learned always
through chapter three, how to greet aunts.
Sometimes a story stops and then
keeps going, page after page.  It still
wasn't cold enough to kill mayflies and
mosquitoes, but by midnight

the distant bullfrogs fell mute,
spending money an obsolescent
phrase by the time the thieves
snatched my clutch and ran
yelling the newest obscenity, your name.

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