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Earthquake Murder 

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Michael Cadnum's short fiction compels and delights.

Andrew Tonkovich
Santa Monica Review


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Earthquake Murder,

Table of Contents

Page 3  Acknowledgments
Page 5  About the Author
Page 6  Foreword
Page 7  Table of Contents
Page 9  Dedication 

Page 10  Part One:  Kiss It Goodbye

Page 11  Lost and Worse
Page 16  Little Perkins
Page 22  Champion of the Ocean Floor
Page 25  Touch Me Everyplace
Page 30  Burn and Believe

Page 32  Part Two:  Sharp and Scarlet

Page 33  Your Secret Wish
Page 40  Hangtown Blues
Page 42  Your Name on a Brick   
Page 48  Earthquake Murder Plane Crash Flood
Page 50  Season’s End

Page 51  Part Three:  A Wonder

Page 52  The Humane Trap
Page 55  Everything About Everything
Page 61  Stone Ghost
Page 66  Savages
Page 70  Bite the Hand

Page 75  Part Four:  Calamities

Page 76  Severance 
Page 81  Criminal Lovers
Page 89  Slaughter
Page 96  Glass Bullet


Horse Eagle Press,

Albany, California


Stories in Earthquake Murder have appeared in:


California Quarterly

Little Perkins

Kennesaw Review

Criminal Lovers, Stone Ghost

Mississippi Review


New England Review

Champion of the Ocean Floor

Red Rock Review

Burn and Believe

Santa Monica Review

Lost and Worse, Your Secret Wish, Earthquake Murder Plane Crash Flood, Your Name on a Brick, The Humane Trap, Slaughter, Glass Bullet

Lethal Kisses: 19 Stories of Sex, Horror and Revenge, Edited by Ellen Datlow, Orion, first published Touch Me Everyplace.

Vanishing Acts, Edited by Ellen Datlow, Tor Books first published Bite the Hand











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